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Data means very little when you have unexperienced callers. Allow our well trained and highly skilled callers to get as much out of your data as possible


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No need to spend countless hours and thousands of your profit trying to train and manage a team. We will do that for you, sending you weekly updates.


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We take care of the busy work and allow you to focus more on your more profitable producing activities. Earn more by working less.

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Spade Cold Callers was developed by top-tier business/sales professionals who saw a need to bring quality and skilled individuals together to build with industry professionals like yourself. With years of experience and management as a company, we are built to serve each and every one of our partners with quality service and professionalism. We have advanced technology that allows us to services your company at the highest level. We are here for you!

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We offer 24/7 service to our clients.
While our core business is the English speaking mass market in the United States, our complete staff is bilingual English-Spanish. We provide additional language capabilities in our Panama office including French, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish & Portuguese, among others.
We have been in business since 2017.
Quality Assurance is our highest priority. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we constantly employ numerous methods to ensure that all calls are handled in the most professional manner possible. To accomplish this, we record the majority of calls across all clients for later review. QA Supervisors also listen in to live calls, giving instant feedback to our agents. We also randomly contact customers to receive feedback. Additionally, our phone system closely tracks hold time, talk time, and several other statistics, which are reviewed by management on a daily basis.
The amount of leads you can expect per month per agent varies and it really depends on the list and the market and also what you would consider a valid lead however I have seen some agents get up to 60-70 leads per month, which is equivalent to 2 Leads/Day / Agent.